Tribal Fire Dance Theater is a Native American, all original dancing drum group. The performances are considered to be a contemporary expression of ancient traditional ceremonial ways.



The vision is for mankind to return to living in sync with nature by sharing the Ancient native american philosophy and way of life with the people of the world. Hunab Ku is a celebration of life, in tune with the natural flow of energy and harmony with the universe. It asks people to challenge themselves and move away from oppressive thought patterns and overindulgent behavior. It illustrates the understanding that man has unlimited power embedded within. It asks the people open themselves towards unlocking the greatness of their true potential. The vision is intended to remind all the the sincere love of oneself, each other and the universe is the divine order of all things.




The mission is to inspire respect and change for a better earth through ceremonial dances that honor the elements of life and share the knowledge of the ancestors with the people through theatrical musical performance and creative expression.